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Custom eLearning Development

We are often asked what project management tools we use for our Custom eLearning Development. To answer that, we made a list of six tools that we find most helpful:

1. DropBox – DropBox is where we collect and store project information, source files, development files, etc.

2. BaseCamp – We use BaseCamp as a communication tool between our clients and our project team members. You can communicate with team members, attach documents, insert timelines, link to courses, etc.

3. Google Docs – We use Google Spreadsheets for project reviews. Google spreadsheets are great for collecting SME feedback all in one place.

4.  Skype – Skype is a great communication tool for your team and to keep an open channel of communication with your clients. Chat and video services are both available.

5. WebEx – WebEx is great for screen shares and reviewing course content with clients and team members.

6. Harvest App – The Harvest App is an awesome tool used to track all project hours. This helps us to track our project hours and make sure we are staying on budget.

This list of project management tools will definitely help your team create better custom eLearning development projects.

What project management tools do you find helpful? Share with us your favorite tools in the comment section below.

(Update – March 14, 2014 – Thanks to you, our helpful blog readers, for suggesting additional tools for eLearning project management: http://www.proofhub.com/, https://www.rescuetime.com/, http://www.reviewmyelearning.com, and http://www.atlassian.com/.)


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