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Reasons to Use eLearning Templates

If you are new to eLearning Templates, here are six essential reasons to use eLearning Templates:

1. Speed Up Development Time

Most templates are built natively in your authoring tool. This allows you to seamlessly add engaging awesomeness in a blink of an eye.

How long does it normally take you to build a game from scratch? Normally, for most eLearning teams, a game can take 3-5 days depending on the complexity of the game and content. Using the eLearning Template Library of games, you can build a game in a matter of minutes. If you are trying to save time, using templates to streamline your project is a no-brainer.

2. Reduce Development Costs

Similar to saving time, templates can greatly reduce the cost of development. Templates are designed to easily import your content by using a drag and drop method. Subscribing to a template library gives you a large variety of items that have previously been built by a skilled developer. Using a template allows you to begin where the developer of the template left off, preventing you from having to reinvent the wheel. The eLearning Library has games, interactions, layouts, scenarios, cutout people, and more so you don’t have to spend loads on developing.

3. Impress Your Manager and Learners

With the time saved you will be able to personalize a bit more “pop” and “zing” to your course, which will surely impress your manager and learners. Templates will give you the time needed to put the “icing on the cake”. This along with the reduced costs will make a great impression for your boss and your learners.

4. Full Control of Source Files

Access to the source files allows you to make the template uniquely your own. This is especially great for savvy programmers and graphic designers. Source files gives you the ability to customize the template using your own authoring tool. Don’t like the way a game works? Take the source files and change whatever you want.

5. Go Beyond Your Own Ability

Not a skilled programmer? No problem, the templates have already been programmed to make you look good. Do a little more programming to make it your own. Not a graphic designer? Not a problem either, the visual design is already done. Feel free to go ahead and tweak it to fit your needs. Rather than starting from scratch you can go beyond your own capabilities.

6. Increase Team Consistency

There are many ways to build content—why not standardize it? There is a growing need for team Consistency. With the rise in more eLearning courses being created team consistency will help simplify the entire development process. A great way to build company consistency is by having the entire team using the template library.

Instructional designers can quickly wireframe a course, while developers can know exactly what assets to use with in the template library. Learn how the FREE Instructional Design Storyboard template can increase team consistency or click to learn more about the eLearning Template Library.

Reasons to Use eLearning Templates


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