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We at eLearning Brothers do our best to teach you the best way of doing things. But today we’re going to switch things up and tell you the worst ways to develop eLearning courses. Here are five ways you can kill an eLearning course.

1. Little to No Interaction

This is a deadly sin to be avoided at all costs. A good course needs to keep the learner engaged, not just mindlessly clicking “Next” over and over while passively staring at a screen. If a learner has actual tasks and objectives to meet in the course, they are more likely to retain their new knowledge because they have actually put it to use.

2. Overpowering Visuals

Visuals should work with the material, not distract from it. Choose images, graphics, and color schemes that cooperate with the text and overall themes of the course, making sure they don’t compete with each other.

3. Overloading Learners with Too Much Info 

Nobody likes drinking from a firehose. Don’t bombard your learners with a barrage of facts or figures. If every page is stuffed full of text and images, they can’t possibly hope to retain everything. Keep things concise and feed the information to the learner in manageable bite-sized chunks.

4. Word-for-Word Narration

This one isn’t quite as intuitive as the others, but it’s just as important. In most cases, text should not be treated as closed captioning. Think of the text as a short summary of the narration. Perhaps the narrator gives a certain bullet point about a paragraph’s worth of explanation. It’s the job of the text to give the same information in an abbreviated form, a small sentence at most. Too much more, and you risk becoming needlessly redundant.

5. Over Use of Clipart and Freebies

If you don’t already have them, it is imperative that you get a graphic designer and an eLearning Template Library subscription. Clipart and other one-size-fits-all freebies are handy to have but can only take you so far. Since computer clipart became a thing in the early 80’s and 90’s, it has been used millions of times over as cheap illustrations for both personal and professional projects. New clipart is getting created all the time, but most people can sense when an illustration is an original design or a free stock image if they look at it long enough. You don’t want to showcase the same groan-inducing pictures we’ve seen since our middle school PowerPoints. Stop looking for images that portray a message kind of similar to what you want to get across. Hire a real professional and get premium eLearning Templates that are spot on.


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