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Have you ever been in the position of needing to “sell” business leaders on the value of eLearning? Here are five tips to drive home how eLearning supports your organization.

Data, data, data

Any C-level executive will appreciate the idea of having training data at their fingertips. When you track eLearning delivery, enrollment, and completion numbers through a learning management system, you have a wealth of data that executives can use to inform their business decisions. Not only are executives interested to know how many employees are trained on a specific topic, or how much time employees spend on eLearning, they are also interested in tracking completion of compliance courses which are required by law.

Rapid revisions

Unlike training content delivered via paper manuals or workbooks, eLearning can be quickly updated and modified. This is especially helpful for those industries where procedures, methods, or terminology changes frequently. For the nimble business leader, the ability to rapidly revise and re-publish updated content is a game changer.


Once an eLearning course has been developed, there are minimal costs when compared to the costs required for in-person training. Executives will be more likely to make an eLearning purchase when you remind them that the cost of hiring multiple facilitators, maintaining or renting training facilities, and paying for participant travel costs won’t be hitting the bottom line.

Digital natives

The explosion of technology over the last 10 years has not only changed employee expectations about how they get their work done, it’s also changed expectations about how they receive training. Younger employees expect technology to be part of their learning experience. Executives looking to retain and engage digital natives (anyone born after 1980) as part of the talent pool will need to keep eLearning top of mind.

Consistent and scalable

For business leaders focused on growth, eLearning provides a way to consistently deliver training to a growing employee audience. Delivering the same eLearning course to 100 people anywhere around the world can be as easy as pushing an “enroll” button. And, that “enroll” button can be pushed again and again as the company grows.

Try using one or two of these selling points when you’re at the negotiation table. These key points and considerations will help drive your business leaders to make that eLearning purchase.

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