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Articulate Quizmaker TemplatesIn the course of their academic career, everyone will come across at least one quiz or test that gives them trouble. It’s a natural progression on the road to achievement. You simply aren’t going to be good at everything you attempt on the first try. That’s why we test. It’s not some sadistic exercise of mental torture designed to make you feel worthless. Tests are a chance to fail in a safe environment, learn from our mistakes, and have more success in the future.

Articulate Quizmaker templates are great for implementing those principles in the realm of eLearning. With a little skill and finesse, you can use Quizmaker to make standalone quizzes or even end-of-course knowledge checks when plugged into Storyline.

There are many great reasons to incorporate quizzes into your course via Quizmaker templates, but here are just a few of the benefits.

Study + Testing > Study Alone

According to a study by Henry L. Roediger III, Ph.D. of Washington University, students who are periodically tested on the material they are learning perform better in the long run than students who are left to study the material without testing.

No Diamonds Without Pressure

Diamonds are formed when lumps of carbon deep beneath the surface are subjected to intense heat and pressure. The harsh conditions create a beautiful gem. Learning is much the same. We work more efficiently when a little pressure is applied. And it doesn’t always have to be diamond-level pressures, either. When the artificial constraints of a test (memory recall, time limits, competition, etc.) are imposed, we suddenly have an incentive and a direction for our energy to flow.

Early Intervention

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent. When you do something over and over, that repetition creates pathways in the brain, making that action or behavior more and more natural to you. That’s why it’s important not only to practice, but to practice well.

In learning environments, learners can often infer incorrect information through no fault of there own. If a learner begins using that information over and over, it can become deeply entrenched in their brain as “fact.” Tests provide an opportunity for instructors to correct wrong ideas or habits before they get out of hand.


While correcting false ideas, instructors also have an opportunity to give specific and pointed feedback to a learner. Apart from just pointing out mistakes, instructors can use tests to understand which concepts a learner is struggling with, and work with them to beef up their skills and understanding.


Learning by doing is a highly effective pedagogical model. Tests immerse the learner in the material, forcing them to work out a solution in a pinch. A learner may have a theoretical knowledge of a concept, but until they put it to use they aren’t going to grasp the implications of that knowledge. A test allows the rubber to meet the road, and the learner to prove themselves on the field of battle.

See how our Articulate Quizmaker templates can help you to implement these principles into your eLearning. How have you seen quizzes help your learners retain important information?

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