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5 Updated Storyline Games You Have to See_Blog Header

You asked for it, you got it! Many users have been passionately requesting updated Storyline games and we just can’t say no to our rockstar family! Five of our most popular Storyline games now feature beautiful new graphics and are available in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360.

Check out the new graphics in these five Storyline games: 


storyline games

Why add games to your Storyline course?

Learning games are a great way to engage learners in your course and let them have a little fun. In fact, they might enjoy these games so much they don’t even realize they’re actually doing a knowledge check! Adding an eLearning Brothers game into an otherwise text-heavy course is a great way to spread out the required content and give learners a short break, while actually increasing knowledge retention.

Here’s a taste of the new graphics you’ll find in our updated Storyline games. Categories and Trivia pull off that retro game show feeling without feeling dated or cheesy:

storyline games categories and trivia

Gameshow looks sleek and modern, pulling you in with deep purples and gradients.

storyline games gameshow

Visit the eLearning Brothers template library to see all five updated Storyline games and try them out for yourself!


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