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5 Things You Must Know for eLearning Brothers Success


Today we’re going to be looking at five things to know for the most success with your eLearning Brothers account.

  1. The Favorites tab
  2. Downloads tab
  3. Team and Member Libraries
  4. A quick tip for searching through libraries
  5. Utilizing our eLearning Brothers Knowledge Base


First, we’ll start with two of my favorite features that are available right on your User Dashboard. Access your user dashboard by logging in, and then clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner. Once you’ve clicked your name, you’ll be redirected to the User Dashboard.


On the dashboard, we’ll be looking at the “My Favorites” and “Downloads” tab.


Favorites and collections are great for gathering groups of similar assets together, especially during the storyboarding or design phase when you’re just looking to put together ideas without actually downloading or developing yet. You can create a collection from the “My Favorites” tab on your User Dashboard, and then as you’re searching through the different eLearning Brothers libraries, use the plus button that appears on an asset’s thumbnail or information page to add it to your collection. Once you’re ready to download the assets, head back to your Favorites tab on the dashboard, click into your collection, and download away!


Just a few options down from the “My Favorites” tab is the “Downloads” tab. On the downloads tab, there is a full download history of everything you’ve downloaded since the beginning of time… or at least your eLearning Brothers account. For example, if you downloaded a stock image of a hospital six months ago, but have since deleted the file from your computer, and now you need that same stock image, how are you supposed to find it?! Surely not re-searching through the 45,000 images in the stock library tagged as “hospital.” That’s where this downloads tab can come in handy, saving you a lot of time.


The next awesome feature is our group libraries: the Team and Member Libraries!


The Team Library gives you a space to share company branded or approved assets across members of your eLearning Brothers group account. If you’ve edited one of the cutout people to have your logo on their shirt and want to share that new and improved cutout person with your team, simply upload it to your team’s library and anyone who is on your eLearning Brothers group account will be able to download and access those new files.


A little broader, the Member Libraries give you the chance to share your assets with the eLearning Brothers community. If you’ve created something you’re proud of and want to share with the eLearning world, upload it to our Member Libraries. Or, if you are stuck in a little bit of a creative rut, browse through the Member Libraries to see what other eLearning developers have been able to build and create to spark your ideas.


While searching through the various eLearning Brothers libraries, my number one tip is to ALWAYS open the asset you want to download or view in a new tab.


With the Stock Image Library in particular, clicking to open an asset in the same tab you are searching in will make the tab refresh and can jump to a different spot when you go back, which makes you lose your spot in the search. My tip is to always right click on the asset you want to download or view and then click “Open Link in New Tab.” This will open the asset’s page in a different tab, while still keeping you right in the same spot on your search tab! It will save you a lot of headache and frustration.

The last tip I have is to use our Knowledge Base!


We have weekly webinars on a variety of topics, blog posts with professional eLearning tips and tricks, and also an entire Support website with video tutorials on how to best use the eLearning Brothers assets and website. Check out the Support site here.  


Be sure to check out these awesome features and let us know what your favorite one is!

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