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This year Cousin Tabitha will be back from University, and it will be the first year without Grandma Edna (God rest her soul). This means Thanksgiving dinner will have 80% less “when I was your age” stories, but 40% more overly enthusiastic social justice preaching.

How do you prepare for the holidays? What steps can you take to prepare you (and those you care about) for a gathering of epic proportions? Well, we here at eLearning Brothers are excited to show you how our Customizable Courseware Soft Skills Library can give you everything you need to have a happy holiday.


1. Communicating Effectively

Complete with scenarios to practice your skills, the Communicating Effectively course will prepare you for those times Dad hears “I’m going to let myself rot to death” when what you really said was “I don’t think this papercut requires a doctor’s visit.”

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As with all of our Customizable Courseware, our Subject Matter Expert approved courses are packed with amazing course content, presented in an appealing and visually explosive format. You’ll even find knowledge checks throughout the course, and a solid quiz at the end.

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2. Interpersonal Skills

I know, I know—this is one you’d like to send to your sister, she should take it, not you. But this fun course will at least help you brush up on how to ensure that hurt feelings at your events decrease by 40%!

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Learn how to recognize the warning signs of someone who is upset, or not open to discussion. There are tips on eye contact, physiological signs of communication, and ways to increase your active listening techniques.

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3. Handling a Difficult Customer (Family Member)

It could be Uncle Jim who has been freeloading for years or Sissy Missy who just thinks she knows the best way to cook a turkey…we all have that tough relative—or two! Learn how to recognize the most common difficult traits, and how to battle them.

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Recognition is only part of it. Learn how to actively listen, and get to the root of the problem so that you can take the deep breath everyone needs. Your whole family will thank you.

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4. Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately, not every conflict is avoidable. But we can all do our part to prevent the stuffing from flying out of Cousin Leonard’s hands and into Aunt Samantha’s face.

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Throughout the learning process, you can double check yourself with more of our creative and fun knowledge checks.

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5. Work-Life Balance

Finally, it’s important to remember where to draw the line. We all need to learn how to compartmentalize the struggles of the holidays and embrace the true warmth of these gatherings. Developing a great balance can be difficult, and that’s why we’ve created this awesome course.

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With tips like remembering to take some time to yourself—you don’t have to listen to your nephew talk about his PokeDuck cards for 2 hours, you really don’t—and getting enough sleep (turkey puts most of us to sleep though, right?), you’ll get loads of great information out of this course.

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In All Seriousness

OK, you caught us, these courses aren’t really written for your holiday family gathering. But the principles taught inside of them are universal! You’ll find yourself taking so many aspects of what you learn in these courses into every part of your life.


We’d love to show you these courses, and the other 35 that are available for you to download and use today! Learn about Soft Skills, Sales Systems, and Safety. What’s more, if you sign up for a demo you’ll be entered to win an iPad! That’s right, we’re giving away an iPad a day every business day in the first three weeks of December. Why buy one for the holidays when you could win one?


Schedule a free demo to see Customizable Courseware in action and enter to win an iPad.

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