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Owing to the demand for computer-based training, plenty of eLearning scenarios take place in work environments. And that’s great, because after all, form follows function. But every once in a while, it’s expedient to consider taking your scenarios outside the workplace to “the real world” to allow your learners to engage with the material on a different level aside from a strictly professional one. People have lives outside of their given profession, so it makes sense to contextualize the learning in way that appeals to the day-to-day of most people.

Today we’d like to suggest a handful of great Lectora scenario templates that you can use to add a dose of everyday life to your eLearning.



The Bedroom scenario features a conversation between a mother and daughter. Judging from their faces, there seems to be a bit of misunderstanding occurring. Fill in your own series of questions with right and wrong answers, and allow your learners to navigate the situation without making things worse.



In our Gym scenario, two fitness aficionados have come to an impasse. The learner must negotiate a truce between this pair of iron-pumpers to reach an effective solution.

Lobby 02


It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but most people will require medical attention at some point in their life. That being the case, Lobby 02 provides a relatable scenario featuring a branching discussion between two patients that learners must navigate.

Office 03


According to the US Census Bureau, about one-third of Americans over 25 has at least a Bachelor’s degree. That equates to millions of college students each and every year. Office 03 features a conversation between a professor and her student, representative of millions of similar conversations that occur every day.

Reception Desk


We’re all busy people, and part of being a busy person includes keeping your appointments. Many of the appointments we make every day require going through a receptionist. They’re the face of their company, they have the answers, and they can get you in touch with the people you’re there to see. Our Reception Desk scenario simulates a conversation between a receptionist and client. With multiple poses and expressions shown from both sides of the desk, this scenario will be well received by your learners.

For these and many other great Lectora scenario templates, check out our Lectora template library and get downloading today!

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