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Cutout People Images

When using cutout people images, I’ve found there are five quick and handy tips you can use in your eLearning projects. If you are new to using cutout people images, you will notice that having multiple images of the same eLearning character makes everything so much easier. This blog post and all the cutout characters I use in my eLearning couldn’t be possible without the eLearning Template Library. Not only do I get access to thousands of cutout people images, but I can add our new library of over 500,000+ eLearning Stock Assets too. Now, here are my five quick tips.

5 Quick Tips Using Cutout People Images

1. Use a drop shadow on a cutout person or object to give it depth, so it stands out in your eLearning layouts.

2. Use a drop shadow color to match the background.

3. Use shadows below a standing cutout person, so they appear to be touching the ground.

4. Use depth of field to isolate a subject from other elements in a photo by blurring the foreground or background.

5. Use multiple cutout images to show different points in your eLearning presentation.

[Infographic] 5 Quick Tips For Using Cutout People Images

Cutout People Images


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