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5 Quick Tips + 2 Webinars to Make You a Storyline Rockstar

Our commitment to quality learning extends beyond our templates. We are in a constant sharing mood when it comes to our eLearning knowledge. As such, we’ve put together five quick tips for using Articulate Storyline 3 (they also work in 360), as well as scheduled some phenomenal webinars just for you!

First, the Storyline tips:

1 Almost any object can be turned into a dial by following the path:
Insert > Dial > Convert to Dial

2 It is very simple to change the axis point of any dial simply by moving the crosshairs (by default they are centered on the dial).

3 When utilizing placeholders on a master slide, they can be any shape you want and the images you insert in them will scale and crop to fit the placeholder.

4 You can change the Thumb (the part that slides along the track) and the Track of the slider to be any picture or shape you like.

5 Any object can be made a button by simply adding a trigger to that object.

And you definitely won’t want to miss our two upcoming Storyline webinars!

Tuesday September 19th
How to Rock the New Features in Storyline 3

Articulate recently released Storyline 3 that is chock full of new features to help you in your eLearning development. Join Adam Cannon and Bill Milstid, two of our Storyline experts at eLearning Brothers as they walk you through these new features. View recording now.


Tuesday October 3rd
Implementing Streaming Video into Articulate Storyline. Making the Impossible… Possible!

Due to resource constraints, are you considering leveraging existing publicly available videos on YouTube into your eLearning course? But do you want to focus your learners on only a short video clip and reduce their distraction from the videos in YouTube’s playlist? You can’t download and edit the video as it’s not your creation, so what’s the solution?
eLearning Brothers is proud to team with Danielle Wallace, Learning Director with Beyond the Sky, to present this webinar demonstrating how to incorporate and “edit” streaming video in Articulate Storyline. View recording now.

Watch the recordings below:


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