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Often, due to shortened project timelines, the Analysis phase of the ADDIE process is cut short or skipped all together. This phase might very well be the most important phase of the ADDIE process. It is during the Analysis phase that you uncover the information critical for the learner to be successful in their job.

In Ethan Edwards webinar The 5 Most Important Analysis Questions You’ll Ever Ask , he highlights these 5 questions:

  1. What do you expect learners to be able to DO after completing the course that they can’t do now?
  2. What are the consequences TO THE LEARNER if the learner fails to master the intended outcomes?
  3. Can you show me an active demonstration, a detailed simulation, or provide an opportunity to directly observe the desired performance?
  4. What specific performance mistakes do new learners regularly make?
  5. What tools, resources, job aids, or help do successful performers (or even experts) use to do these tasks?

Click here to access a replay of the webinar and supporting documentation.



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