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eLearning Team

When assembling your eLearning dream-team, there are many group dynamics to consider. Are you pairing the right instructional designer with the right graphic designer? Is the sales team aware that marketing is working on something that will affect their sales pitch? Are SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) up to date in their field

Create Equal Contribution

Each team member needs to know their responsibilities and expectations. Everyone’s talents should be utilized whenever possible and necessary. Groups tend to work better together when the group as a whole is making logical decisions together, as opposed to one or two leaders calling the shots while a mass of mindless drones just blindly follow.

Recap Responsibilities

After meetings–especially the really long ones — people tend to feel overloaded. To alleviate these feelings, it may often be advantageous to recap the team and individual goals and the plan of attack to accomplish said goals. You’ll never go wrong by improving clarity.

Seek to Understand Your Team

Remember elementary school and how frustrating it was that your classmates weren’t doing backflips to make you happy? Well if this is still true for your everyday life, it’s probably something you should outgrow, and fast. When you become a grown-up, you have to face reality and realize that other people have feelings, too. Crazy, right?

A talent that any good team player needs to have is the ability to put themselves in the shoes of others. When you take a moment and think about why another person acts the way they do, it’s that much easier to work beside them.

Add Diversity

While diversity of viewpoints is usually a good idea, a few recent studies have found something even more specific than that: the more women in a group, the more productive that group will be. Now before my fellow men call me a traitor, remember that guys are still valuable. But studies by MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Union College have concluded that due to generally higher levels of emotional intelligence and empathy, women are just natural team players. If you want to build a more effective team, consider getting a few more qualified ladies in there.

Create Open Channels of Communication

Channels of communication between team members should remain wide open. When feedback is given regularly, problems can be nipped in the bud and everyone can be kept on the same page.

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