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Free PowerPoint Graphics


We have a huge library of PowerPoint graphics for subscribers to incorporate into their presentations with full customizability. To introduce you to the new library, we are offering 5 free PowerPoint graphics that will blow your socks off. These are totally customizable, built in PowerPoint, and are flat out amazing. Take a look.




This is a perfect tool for showing the degree or level certain pieces of data have reached in relation to where they could or should be. Each shape and text box that makes up this image can be moved and manipulated to display whatever quantity you need. Numbers can even be swapped out for words if you wish to show qualitative information (e.g. for instance, “Good”, “Better”, and “Best”).

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

These blocks are handy for conveying multiple types of information. The graphic can be used as a 3-variable bar graph, thanks to the depth the z-axis provides, or a simple 2-variable bar graph made up of 3-dimensional shapes. A few text boxes and some guiding lines can turn this graphic into an excellent representation of the data. It can also be used to express a chronological progression, a step-by-step process, or even a hierarchical structure with a little bit of creativity.

Male vs. Female

Male vs Female

For any figures in which gender differences are a key factor, this side by side comparison is an easy way to contrast the data. All numbers, words, and shapes, including the male/female icons, can be modified to fit your color scheme or layout needs.



The need often arises to illustrate a funneling or filtering process, whether it be literal or metaphorical, and what better way to do so than this? Certain elements enter the mix, and others come out the other side. Each element can be given it’s own icon, color, and label to differentiate , and the text can be modified to in order to give the illustration new context.

Circle Graph

Circle graph

The circle graphic is an excellent way to compare quantitative data side by side. Think of it simply as a bar graph wrapped around in a circle. The radius of each wedge can be easily increased or decreased to indicate a different value. Each shape and piece of text can be modified, removed, or resized to give you whatever attributes and values you need to measure.


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