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Last weekend, our friends at Trivantis released an update to their Lectora Online software bringing it to version 3.2.  We wanted to cover our five favorite improvements from this update that we think you’re really going to love.

Style Ribbon Additions

The Style ribbon now allows you to adjust gradients, shadows, reflections and even do some image cropping all within Lectora. No need to send stuff into other programs if you’re just looking for a quick adjustment.

Shape Improvements

Shapes are nothing new, but the ways you can now interact with them has some significant changes. One of the big ones is the new adjustment handles that allow you to refine the shape of your object to better suit your needs. For instance, you can use the handles to adjust the depth of points on a star shape or increase the curve on your rounded rectangles. Another improvement comes in the form of better click mapping, so a shape is only clickable where it is visible. This makes it much easier to avoid accidentally clicking on the wrong shape just because its click box is much larger that the actual shape the object itself might be.

Button Shapes and States

Buttons can now be made out of any of the shapes, even if its transparent. In addition to that, button states have also been introduced into Lectora Online (something already enjoyed by its desktop variation). Each of the four states are created automatically but can be customized however you need them to be. You can even initially disable it or use the SetState action to change its state later. One nice thing is that you can set up a button with your desired states and then set it as the default for that title. This way, you don’t have to worry about changing each and every button’s state every time you need a new one in the project.

Video Tweaks

Videos got a good boost in this update as well, starting with two additional closed captioning options—WebVTT and SRT. WebVTT is really simple to use and it works well with all devices, making it a prime option for responsive projects.

One small, but significant update is that as you resize videos, they will now maintain their aspect ratio! There’s an option to deselect this feature (if you ever find a reason to distort your video), but this now comes in at a baseline.

Easier xAPI Integration

Trivantis has added two new action types that smoothly interact with the xAPI Learning Record Store (if that’s a bunch of crazy jargon to you, check out the xAPI website to get up to speed). Send Statement lets you quickly dive into recording data into the LRS. Send Course Completion gets right to one of the more common statements you might use: setting a course’s completion status to Completed, Passed, or Failed in your LRS.

There are a lot of really great features added to Lectora Online, and we highly suggest that you head to their site to take a look at them all. What’s been your favorite addition? Let us know!

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