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Microsoft PowerPoint can do so many things very well on its own, but don’t underestimate the power of PowerPoint add-Ins and the productivity it can bring to your development, teaching, and designing. You are not using PowerPoint to its fullest potential without using Add-Ins. The amazing part about them is that there is always something that will benefit you, whether you are a developer, teacher, presenter, or instructional designer, there is something for you. If you need help on installing add-Ins, here is an awesome blog! Here are the top 5 Add-Ins that will improve teaching and presenting, as well as allow for some amazing content to be created.

1. iSpring (Paid)

When it comes to making a SCORM compliant presentation with quizzes, scenarios, interactions, and simulations, iSpring has it all. The sleek and powerful design of iSpring allows anyone to quickly grasp concepts that iSpring permits presenters and instructional designers to do. Without the iSpring add-in you would have to rely on other software to create projects with these types of features. Here is a blog on the release of the latest Suite, and another on an in depth journey into the iSpring QuizMaker.

2. INPRES (Free)

Almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone, and I am willing to bet if teachers could prohibit one thing from being used in the classroom it would be phones. In my mind that is the wrong approach. Instead of “outlawing” phones from being used, why not use them in an appropriate manner? INPRES is a PowerPoint add-in that enables you as the teacher or presenter to take live polls, questions, and feedback from student smartphones. And because it is an Add-In, it can be seamlessly integrated into the actual presentation.

3. PhET Sims – Science/Math (Free)

Math and Science were the hardest concepts for me to grasp in grades K-12. I can only assume now, as an adult, that they are the hardest to teach. With the PhET Simulator you have free access to over 40 simulations ranging from Friction and Gravity, to the States of Matter and even the Resistance in a Wire! The simulations are 100% interactive and are sure to captivate the class and promote learning that sticks.

4. PROMT Dictionary and Translator (Free)

The PROMT Dictionary and Translator is a must have for people who work with bilingual students or who work at a company that spans multiple cultures. Once installed and booted up, all text that you select will automatically be translated into the specified language. And if a word is already in your language it will give you a definition of the word.

5. Code Presenter Pro (Free)

Code Presenter Pro allows you to draw up a mock code sample that you can then highlight and draw on; this will permit you as the teacher to effectively teach how to code and the important aspects of different coding languages. Presenter Pro will automatically detect which language you are coding in, allowing you to test your students on different coding languages. This is very much a tool any coding teacher can not live without.

PowerPoint when accompanied with Add-Ins can absolutely improve the quality and power of your teaching or presenting. You audience will see the difference. Search these Add-Ins in the built in Office Store Portal in PowerPoint and keep creating awesomeness! Comment in the section below and let me know what some of your favorite Add-Ins are!

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