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eLearning Examples

A good way to get unstuck from developing boring courses is to analyze good eLearning examples. So to help you get unstuck, here are five eLearning examples that will change the way you think, and help you get outside the box.

1. Connect with Haji Kamal

Watch the demo here.

An oldie, but a goodie. In this dynamically designed scenario-based course, the learner plays the role of a soldier in Afghanistan who, along with his fellow officers, must meet with one of the local leaders and convince him to join their cause. Your character, taking into account the advice given to you by two of your peers, must in turn advise a young lieutenant who is speaking directly to Haji Kamal himself.

The cool thing about this scenario is the branching storylines, which change the outcome of the story depending on the choices you make. Say the wrong things and offend Haji Kamal and you risk failing the mission.

2. Scale of the Universe

Watch the demo here.

This informational graphic makes use of your scroll wheel to explore the relative sizes of things in our universe. Zoom out to the see the size of the known universe, and zoom in to see a Planck length, the shortest possible unit of length, and explore everything in between. Each object is clickable, giving a short paragraph of explanation. Informative and addictive, this is a great way of giving learners a contextual perspective of their place in the universe

3. Camera Simulator

Watch the demo here.

Developed for photography students, Camera Simulator allows learners to manipulate the controls of a virtual camera and observe the effects their actions have on the outcome of the picture.

4. The Great Flu

Watch the demo here.

The Great Flu is the epitome of good design. A brilliantly colored and expertly animated crash course in epidemiology, it allows you to take charge of the efforts of a global pandemic, doing what you can with a 2 billion dollar budget to nip the outbreak in the bud by doing things like closing airports, distributing vaccines, and spreading public awareness. A map of the world shows the spread of the disease, cataloguing those infected and the rise of fatalities.

5. A Workout at Work

A workout at work  12 office exercises   The Washington Post 5

Watch the demo here.

Do you need to get your heart pumping at the office? The Washington Post has your back. A simple page-turner, this article shows you animations of low-intensity workouts to get you moving at your desk. Lighthearted and humorous, the demonstration lets you choose upfront just how difficult, sweaty, and embarrassing each move could be.

What good eLearning examples have you seen? I invite you to share your favorite eLearning examples in the comment section below.

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