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5 Digital Games to Liven Up Your Holidays

As we near the end of the year you may be finding yourself spending more time with close friends and family in your off-hours. Regardless of how this makes you feel, we are excited to share some games that you can play with them that will surely lighten the mood.

Now, these are digital games. Games that require a device of some sort, whether that’s a tablet, a smartphone, or a computer. But that’s a good thing, right? After all, you can only play charades so many times.

These games are made for learning, whether that’s family learning, school learning, or corporate learning, they are sure to give you a fun morale boost while secretly making you even smarter. Just don’t rub it in people’s faces at dinner.


Jump Game

The first game we’ll talk about is Jump. Jump is an eLearning game that allows your players to compete with one another for points as they jetpack their way through all kinds of questions.

You can make these questions anything you want. Make them about your cousin Roberta and her recent Tahitian trip, or about how many girlfriends Grandpa Smith had before he met Grandma.

After completing the game, you can look at the leaderboard and see who knows the most about your family topics!


Match Game

If you’re looking for even more fun, take a look at Match! This game is based on the ever-popular three-in-a-row game type and is sure to be a hit at your family gathering.

With a few new question types and all-new game mechanics, entertain your family while educating them on which football team is best, or on why their political party is the wrong one.


Scramble Game

Perhaps you’re looking for something more along the lines of a family game to be played as a group. Warm up your strategic thinking muscles with Scramble!

With two modes—Word Scramble and Sentence Scramble—you can play alone or with your family! Use this kind of game to ensure all the children know the magic words “please,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” and “I’d like to go to bed early to give you a moment of peace, Mother.”


Recall Game

If you’re looking for something that you can mix your family photos into you’ll love Recall! This will test your family’s ability to notice small details, and recall them while playing (oh my gosh THAT’S why they call it Recall!).

People of all ages will enjoy this game. Kids love I Spy style games, and adults enjoy a good puzzle. Build this game in just a few minutes and watch as your players enjoy their educational activity!


Trivia Game

The last of the games we’re going to talk about today is Trivia.


In a very basic way, this game will test the knowledge of all you share it with. Test them on their knowledge of the family cat and its vaccination history. Test them on their understanding of who makes the most money in the group. Test them on all of your favorite things, and have them compete for the top position on the leaderboard!

Games can liven up your gathering, whether it’s your family, your co-workers, or your employees. And digital games are always a hit! After all, people are going to be staring at their phones anyway, why not make them learn a thing or two about each other?

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What’s more, there are even MORE games available in The Training Arcade™!

You can learn about them here. And learn more about how to build your own game in 30 minutes here. You can also join our upcoming webinar to get even more details on how these games can become yours!

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