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At last, our friends at Adobe have created their very own LMS. Adobe Captivate Prime has a host of new features, but these ones in particular caught our attention.

Fluidic Player

The Fluidic Player is a major draw of the experience, allowing learners to access files in various different formats, such as videos, PDFs, PPTs, DOCX, and others all through one universal program and without the need to download a laundry list of superfluous plugins.

Publish Directly to Prime

Adobe Captivate 9 allows you to publish your completed courses directly to Captivate Prime. Distribute eLearning to a wide audience with just a few clicks. You can publish to other LMSs as well, completely removing the need for an online middleman.

In-Product Preview

Now when you’re wondering what your course looks like to the learner, you can find out without opening another app. With a click, Captivate can simulate exactly what your learners will see when they take the course. You can save an endless amount of time by keeping the operation localized to one app.

Smart Enroller

This is the organizational brains of the operation. Quickly search users through metadata describing their role, department, location, and more and make assignments from there. For instance, does the accounting department of a specific location need to brush up on a specific course? Simply search those two criteria and enroll them in an instant.

Skill-based Learning

It’s a fact of life that not everyone on your team is going to be on the same skill level, and some need more help than others. Captivate Prime allows you to tailor the eLearning experience to each learner’s individual needs, closing gaps and efficiently bring everyone up to speed.

Want to learn more about Captivate Prime? Hear it strait from the horse’s mouth right here.

What features of Adobe Captivate Prime do you find most impressive? Share in the comments.

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