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We’ve recently launched 5 new game templates that are natively built in Articulate Storyline. Each template is available  to demo and download from our eLearning Template library. As with all our templates, we’ve packed these Storyline game templates with lots of features. Easily change colors, change the number of questions, change timer amounts, modify the scoring totals, and many other things.

1. GameShow

Similar to Jeopardy, in this fun game, learners select a Category and Point Value, then answer the question to earn the points and clear the board.



2. ShootOut

Learners score a goal for each correct answer. For each incorrect answer, the goalie blocks the shot.



3. Millionaire

Learners answer questions to advance and earn $1,000,000!



4. Pyramid

In the Pyramid game, learners answer questions correctly to complete the pyramid.



5. Trivia

Trivia is a timer based game where learners need to answer questions.


View and demo all Articulate Storyline Games here.

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