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Ladies and gentleman, get ready to play the eLearning community’s favorite game: CHOOSE! THE! TEMPLATE!

As you’ll see with a casual look through our library, we have a thing for these Articulate game show templates. Something has captured the world’s imagination since the world’s first game show, Spelling Bee, was televised in 1938. People love the underdog nature of many of these competitions, so it’s easy to get swept up in the emotion and drama they evoke. Implementing this, we’ve realized that people love to learn when aided by game show-style quizzes and interactions. Here are five of our favorite game show style templates for Articulate Storyline.

Popular Choice

Popular Choice

Popular Choice is similar to the popular game show Family Feud. Learners are given a question that has multiple possible answers. As fast as they can, they must type as many answers as possible before a set amount of time runs out. This game is great as a course opener to get people thinking. Pose an interesting question that’s relevant to the subject matter to pretest the learners’ prior knowledge and get them warmed up for what’s to come.

Beat the Banker

beat the banker

Based on the hit show Deal or No Deal, this game has the learner pick briefcases full of money to eliminate from a collection of 26. Each case has a specific value ranging from $0.01 all the way to $1,000,000. The object of the game is to eliminate the smaller amounts before a mysterious banker makes the player a money offer based on the amounts still in play. The player can decide if they want to take the money and leave or keep playing and accept a later offer. Unlike its predecessor, our game template will ask learners a quiz question for each briefcase they choose.

 Millionaire Challenge


Taking inspiration from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, this template is a pretty straightforward quiz. Learners are asked a series of true/false, multiple choice, and multiple response questions. Throughout the course of the quiz, they only have 3 chances to receive hints to difficult questions, so they need to ration them out and use them wisely.

Game Show


Everybody loves a good episode of Jeopardy. Our Game Show template works to replicate the experience of the classic quiz show. 15 questions of different value, spanning 5 different categories, are laid out in a grid. Players choose the subject they want to tackle and the corresponding point value.  If they answer the question correctly, those points are added to their score.


Edge Trivia

This straight-up quiz is a classic and one of our most popular templates. Simply put, a question is posed, and the learner must answer it correctly before time runs out.

Find these and many other templates in the Articulate Storyline library. Download today!

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