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If you are anything like me, once in a while you have to have a good rice bowl. After waiting for your turn to order I ask myself the question, “Do I want white rice or brown rice?”

As I thought about that question and ate my rice bowl the thought came to me, “This is just like developing eLearning.” How, you might ask? Let me explain, eLearning can be appealing, healthy for you, and come with a variety of flavors just like a rice bowl.

To get more specific, brown rice has more fiber than white rice. Brown rice contains nutrients like magnesium, manganese, and zinc. White rice has fewer amounts of these nutrients, but includes iron and B vitamins.

To me, white rice is like reading a cartoon. They are quick, comical, low in value, and sometimes just something to pass the time. Brown rice however, is like reading a great novel. There are characters with depth, there is action and/or suspense, and (my personal favorite) foreshadowing. Plus, all of that extra fiber gives you more energy with brown rice.

So, how did I make the eLearning connection? We have all taken training that you just can’t seem to get through fast enough. It is almost painful. You just click the next button. And then, there are other trainings that seem like a nice break from your hectic workday. You could just shout for joy or yell, “Hallelujah! Thank you to the team who developed this training!”

Some people might say white rice is a little bit like cold cereal without the right nutrients. I agree, white rice may not have as much nutritional value as brown rice. But my point is the best meals have healthy nutrients that are enjoyable. Much like a “brown rice bowl with eLearning Awesome Sauce.” That is where it’s at.

Healthy + Tasty = Awesome!

So, how do you as an Instructional Designer build a training that is like brown rice with a splash of Teriyaki Awesome Sauce? Use the four ways to get a brown rice bowl with eLearning Awesome Sauce:

  1. Start with a perfect plan. Like a perfect grain of rice it is cultivated and grown until it’s perfect.
  2. Use great resources to obtain the right information. Like an awesome rice cooker that cooks great rice.
  3. Obtain the best tools, talents, or templates to build out your design. Like adding veggies, chicken, and “oh so sweet and tangy Awesome Sauce” is a must.
  4. Get better by sharing your ideas with everyone. Like going to DevLearn this October 23-25 you’ll get better at what you do. That would be Awesome!

Plain and simple, a “brown rice bowl with eLearning Awesome Sauce” is what it should all be about. Enjoy and bon appétit.

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