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Guest post written by Sean Stoker.

Creating a new eLearning course from scratch is not only tedious, but in many cases it’s outright unnecessary. You’re a busy person with a lot of clients to please, so why reinvent the wheel every time you start a new project? Here are a few simple ways you can decrease your development time and maximize your productivity by using templates:

1. Take the Guesswork Out of Functionality

With ready-made eLearning Templates, there is no need to write new code or design a new layout to get your message across. Each element can be put where you want it to to. You fill in the details, and you’re done.

2. Easily Create Consistent Page Layouts

Your courses should have a consistent look and feel throughout. Have you ever had a project that was so detail-intensive that it was hard to keep it straight in your brain, let alone on the screen? Page Layout Templates remove this agony from your life for the mere fact that everything is already set up in the same format. No more playing “Spot The Difference” with your own work.

3. Spark Your Creativity

It’s a common misconception in eLearning that templates take away your chance for creativity, resulting in mediocre, cookie-cutter functionality. But this is patently untrue. Templates are infinitely customizable. Do you like the aesthetic of a template, but think it needs a different font? Go ahead and tweak it. Do you like the layout of a template, but think it needs a different character? Swap them out. Whether you just want to pound out a quick course or build off of what’s already there, templates can be lifesavers.

4. Start from a Higher Place

A handyman is limited by two things: his tools and his mastery of said tools. So why not start things out with better tools? For eLearning developers of all skill levels, this means starting from a better position. Elearning Templates give you great tools to work with and you can only go up from there.


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