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PowerPoint is a versatile program that most computer owners have access to. Most commonly, it’s used for slideshow presentations, but it has several eLearning applications. Many designers use PowerPoint to layout their courses in a simpler program, to play classroom-wide eLearning games, or even use it as a course all its own.

Today we’re taking a look at a few of our favorite eLearning templates in the PowerPoint library. Have a peek and find something you can use for your next PowerPoint project.

Business 06


In Business 06, the color red becomes a character in itself. With dilute transparent color mattes, this template tints possibly disparate images to the point where an apparent theme emerges. The light reds used throughout the template allow for the color scheme to be striking without overpowering the other elements of the course, adding emphasis rather than dominance.

Business 07


As far as geometric shapes go, hexagons don’t get enough love. They are beautiful shapes which occur in nature, both in honeycombs and snowflakes, but also in various areas of architecture and technology. Business 07 pays tribute to the hexagon by making it the star of the template, with hexagonal images text boxes and more.

Business 09


A palette of whites, charcoals, and cerulean give Business 09 a look that is fresh and innovative. This template works great when you want a course that feels both good-looking and intellectual.

 Business 12


Business 12 is the perfect combination of left-brain and right-brain. Straightforward yet whimsical icons sit in tandem with both sans-serif and script fonts, all tied together with the contrast of a light and dark color palette. Use this template when you want something that shows off your mad genius by creating something that is in equal measures mathematically calculated and lovingly crafted.

To find these and other great PowerPoint templates for your next project, check out our PowerPoint Template Library today!

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