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flipped training

Let’s face it. The world of learning is changing and honestly, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Technology has taken hold of every facet of our lives and now has revolutionized the way we work, play and learn. In a rapidly evolving marketplace, there’s an increasing need for a quickly adapting workforce.

Traditionally, workforce training has always been subjected to a routine eighth hour classroom setting. These individuals are being taught with outdated PowerPoint lectures and bulky training guides. This worked perfectly for past generations, but for the purpose of survival in today’s marketplace, these old-fashioned methods need an uplift in content and delivery methods as well as a move in demographics so these companies can last. In order to hold the attention of today’s learners the teaching methods must be captivating, engaging and challenging to all types of learners. That’s where flipped learning comes in!

What is it? 

Flipped learning is an instructional method pioneered in the educational and corporate sectors throughout the world. This basic principle is called the flipped learning model. The approach enables facilitators to enrich the learners experience by substituting a less-effective lecturing method for a more hands-on and personalized experience. This practical methodology allows learners to absorb relevant content at a faster pace; it also enforces a firmer memory recall by connecting the learner and the instructional material. 

How does it work?

Step 1:

The Facilitator will guide all lessons via a virtual classroom, podcast, pre-course work or through the Learning Management System, either in the classroom or with the freedom to do it on their own devices at their leisure.

Step 2:

The learners work in the classroom environment with experiences that give a deeper understanding of the applications or concepts. The facilitator recognizes the true meaning of participation by the performance of the learner in their pre-course work assignments.

The 4 TOP Reasons Why You Should Flip Your Training:

1. A great way to retain your Millennials

This generation is tech-savvy and focused on their computer and smart phone screens. Their loyalties constantly fluctuate, and they are more likely to jump ship if they are not satisfied with their work culture. The on-boarding process for this group is critical; this includes having a training method that will capture and hold their attention long enough and keep it. The flipped learning model is designed to keep its learners engaged not only with hands on course work, but by using a method that a lot of companies have found very effective in their training: gamification of company knowledge.

2. Improves Efficiency

Once companies have transitioned to the flipped learning model, they can replace the class instructional time with online instructional modules: eLearning and embedded videos to be viewed and completed before the training session. The trainers can then maximize their in-class session by having a more meticulous interaction with the learners.

3. Improves Company’s Bottom Line

Training cost can be reduced drastically. Traditionally, in-class sessions waste precious time. And in the corporate world, time is money. Employees who are more active with hands-on training and continuous engagement of course materials are more likely to improve the company’s bottom line. This is because Flipped learning makes the process more effective and efficient in the time spent to get employees to the production floor, which equals more quality time for the business.

4. 24hr Access to Training resources

Flipped models allow learners to have access to updated information as they are deployed. This is great because workers can access learning materials on-demand whether at work or at home. This saves time away from production and gives workers the ease in knowing they can get a refresher of what was taught anytime they want it.

freddieFreddie Batista is a revolutionary Training and Development Expert with over 20 years of experience in hands-on learning and instructional system design. Freddie has pioneered the adapta­tion of open-source LMS’s and eLearning environments for both Corporations and Government Agencies. 

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