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Guest blog post by Liz Sheffield. Liz Sheffield is a freelance writer with a background in training and development. She specializes in writing about everything related to the human side of business.

When you’re creating training for employees working in a retail organization, eLearning games are a must. Not only does using games increase learner satisfaction, completion rates, and retention of information, it makes sense given the limitations and demands unique to the retail learning environment.

What does a retail learning environment look like?

Frequent interruptions


In the world of retail, there’s very little chance that a learner will be able to complete a module without interruption. The primary purpose of retail employees is to serve customers. If a customer or co-worker has an immediate need, the training session ends. If you’re utilizing eLearning games when training retail learners, employees will be more inspired to return to a module to finish the game. Games also make it easier for the learner to quickly pick up where they left off and retain information they learned.

Limited time “off the floor”


Managers in the retail environment want to keep employees “on the floor” as much as possible. That’s where employees have the ability to sell, to serve customers and ultimately,  deliver profit to the bottom line. When you’re creating training for those learners, a long module that requires extended time off the floor will not be popular with managers. But if you create several (very) short modules that are fast-paced, utilize gaming theory, and deliver only the information learners need, it’s much more likely that managers will grant employees time off the floor to complete the training.

A younger workforce


Many retail employees are part of the younger generation. While employees of all ages enjoy eLearning games, your modules will be especially popular with the younger crowd if you include eLearning games in your design. Use games to maximize what these younger learners bring to the learning environment: an appreciation, and the ability, to engage with technology.

Demanding Shopper Divas


We’ve all seen the shopper diva. Maybe we’ve even been the shopper diva in a certain retail store. Retail employees deal with divas all day long – handling demands for a new drink, for a different size dress, or a discount that wasn’t honored, and all with a smile. During a shift where they’ve been serving demanding divas, learners deserve something fun. Provide some fun in the form of an eLearning game and you just might find yourself getting consistently quality service out of your favorite retail learner.

Before eLearning games were available, training in the retail environment involved a significant investment of time and money. Now that eLearning games are an option, instructional designers are able to providing cost-effective, time-sensitive and job-critical training even within one of the most demanding learning environments. Take a moment to browse our games for eLearning that comply with all major authoring tools and eLearning softwares.


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