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A surefire way to spice up your course—or even a small portion of it—is to give it an interesting theme. Training is more likely to stick in the learner’s brain if they can tie it to some kind of memorable experience, and a novel theme will differentiate itself from the pack enough to do just that. Learners will always crave something new and unique, so why not give them something to write home about? These themes for Lectora will fit the bill.

Casino Challenge


Place ya bets! Place ya bets! Experience the fun of Las Vegas in one Lectora template. With a glitzy saturated color scheme and an overall flashy aesthetic, Casino Challenge is an eLearning game made to excite.


The gameplay is quite simple. For each question, the learner will be given a card. It’s their job to place the card in one of the two boxes at the right side of the screen, which are labeled with a possible answer to the question shown above. With two possible answers, this quiz game is best suited to true/false, yes/no questions.


Lawman 2

Lawman is a complete course starter with a Wild West sheriff theme. Rustic textures and colors, as well as theme-specific controls, make this one of the rootinest tootinest templates you ever did see. And as an added bonus, this theme also includes a builtin version of the Casino Challenge game!


Comic Course Starter


Another course starter, Comic is one of our more popular templates. With a stylized comic book aesthetic, vibrant colors, and large onomatopoetic text (“BANG!”, “KAPOW!”, etc.) Comic is sure to appeal to action-packed, whimsical sensibilities. Due to it’s style, this template is also particularly well-suited to using our illustrated cutout characters.

Mission: Possible

Mission Impossible 2

Last, but not least, feast your eyes upon our Mission: Possible template. Mission: Possible is a cloak and dagger spy-themed course starter, complete with dossiers and debriefings. Since it has several interactions builtin, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to incorporate this template into your next Lectora project!

Find these and other great themed templates in our Lectora Template Library!

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