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For my first blog this year I wanted to share a few misconceptions about using eLearning Templates. As a sales representative with eLearning Brothers I’ve come across four misconceptions about eLearning templates. After reading this I hope you see how awesome it is using eLearning Brothers’ templates.

1. Templates Limit Creativity

Elearning Brothers’ templates actually increase creativity. By giving you a new starting point, you can begin thinking more creatively. Our talented team of developers create high quality templates while giving you access to the template source files so you can be the creative eLearning genius that you are. Most of our templates are built natively in your authoring tool. This gives you the ability to completely make the course your own.

Take a look at this demo created using only the templates in the eLearning Library. Imagine being able to make this course uniquely yours and adding all of the creativity you can muster.

eLearning Templates(Click to view demo course.)

2. Templates Can’t Produce Anything Original, Intuitive, or Helpful

Our templates are designed to assist the developer in creating effective, high quality, and interactive training courses. Templates gives you time to make something useful and original. As a result, template library subscribers instantly become rockstars at their organization. The eLearning template library gives you the right tools to produce and create excellent courses. Again, this includes all of the customization needed to make your own original dream course. By the way, we have a huge template library with over 20,000 engaging items to choose from. Think about the prime possibilities you’ll have at your fingertips like the thousands of cutout people images.

cutout people images

3. My Content Might Not Conform to eLearning Templates

Most companies have specific branding and content that is essential to their training courses but eLearning templates conform to the needs of your content and learners. Conforming your content to an eLearning template is not an issue with our modifiable templates. You get the source files and can change anything that you’d like. For example, page layouts give you tons of layout options for even the most complicating of content. Just download a template from the eLearning template library, choose your authoring tool, and you can add your content, company logo, or change the color scheme within the authoring tool and add a few more layouts. Then… you can party like a rockstar!


4. Templates are ONLY for Beginners

It is true, templates are excellent for beginning eLearning developers, and it is also true that templates are a great resource for the most advanced developers. Because you have a new starting point from where our exceptional developers left off, even the most advanced eLearning developers can benefit. This is a huge time saving tool in eLearning development that leaves extra time in the budget to put “the icing on the cake.” How much better could your courses, games, or interactions be if the heavy programming was already done for you? What would you do with the time saved? Maybe… become a rockstar!

eLearning Template Library

Click here to learn more about a Free membership. Or… If you want access to the entire library of 20,000+ templates then sign up to our eLearning Template Library and be AWESOME.





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