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eLearning Brothers has one of the most diverse and ever growing library in the eLearning and presenting world. And with so many assets in all of our libraries, it can be very easy to lose track of what is available to you in each offering. For example did you know that there is an “Other” dropdown menu in the Template Library? Didn’t think so! Let’s dive into 4 Hidden Gems of the eLB Template Library.


In order to progress in almost every eLearning course, you need to first comprehend the content and then hit a button to move onto the next module. Creating buttons can waste your time, as they are simple in ideology and can be complex depending on the number of states you have applied to it. We have premade (states and all) over 20 vector button sets that are 100% ready to go. The only thing missing is an applied trigger that will carry out the specific button function.


As a reward to course participants, a certificate of completion is often rewarded (whether digitally or whatever people did before computers). We have 8 professional quality certificates that are perfect for your course. And in the highly unlikely chance you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t worry. Each file comes with a both a vector file and a AI file (Adobe Illustrator). So just pick the one you like the most, make the small adjustments in Illustrator, and you have exactly what you want!

Medical Icons (NEW):

This new section of medical icons contains over 20 cartoon style objects that will help bring an element of storytelling to your amazing medically oriented courses. And much like the certificates and buttons, you can download an Illustrator file where every part of every medical icon can be edited to fit your needs.

Office Images (NEW):

Also making a debut are the 20+ office images. In this section there are different office layouts and situations that you can use as background images in setting up various office scenarios. There are also different objects such as chairs, trash cans, lights, books and more! These images work perfectly with our illustrated cutout people to create illustrated interactions and scenarios.

And there are many more assets and images that I haven’t covered that you have access to with a Template subscription. So do some digging and find more of the hidden gems of eLearning Brothers, and comment below what you find.

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