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The Common Craft Library has been discontinued. Please check out our other eLearning Template Libraries for awesome templates, video themes, and stock graphics.

Back in 2015, we partnered with the fine people of Common Craft and added many of their distinctive assets to our library. One of the many assets that they offer are instructional videos, presented in the unique and consistent Common Craft style we’ve come to know and love.

Our collection of Common Craft instructional videos has over 80 different videos covering a variety of disparate—but equally useful—topics that can easily be applied to training in loads of modern industries.

Today we’d like to draw your attention to 4 Common Craft instructional videos that have a wide application for eLearning courses.

Intellectual Property

In the age of the internet, intellectual property rights are more important than ever before. With the ability to create and distribute content to the masses, chances are that somebody (potentially one of your learners) will want to make something that is a derivative of a preexisting work. This video on intellectual property is an excellent primer to give your learners an overview of copyrights, patents, and trademarks, and what each of those concepts entail.

Image Resolution and Pixels

With cameras builtin to many of our digital devices, we as a society are taking more pictures than ever before. These millions of images are printed onto paper, shared on social networks, embedded into blogs, and much, much more. In many modern industries, people need to have some knowledge of Resolution and Pixels. A picture taken on a tiny cheap camera won’t have the same density and quality as one taken with a professional-grade, high resolution camera. This video explains the pitfalls that photographers and those who re-create their images often face, as well as precautions for avoiding them.

Primary and Secondary Sources

Over the course of our history, humanity has accrued a vast wealth of information, so much so that we often need to analyze the information we’ve been given and its legitimacy. For those involved in research, this video explains the purpose each source plays in the search and how much credence to give it.

Online Advertising

The lifeblood that keeps online commerce moving is advertising. Many of the cites, content, and resources you use online every day are able to remain free to the user by getting payment from an advertiser. This video—succinct and precise—gives an overview of the online advertising world and how online creators can use it to power their business.

Which other Common Craft instructional videos are relevant to your line of work? Check the library and let us know your favorites in the comments!

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