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With spring in full swing, we look outdoors to the welcome renewal of nature. In the springtime bounty we see a beautiful array of colors that refresh the mind and delight the winter-dulled senses.

To celebrate the beauty of spring, have a look at our collection of spring-influenced templates in our Lectora templates library.

Interactive Pyramid

Aside from having a playful pastel color scheme, Interactive Pyramid allows learners to view a cursory introduction of up to four related topics. It is especially useful in situations where the topics at hand are hierarchical or proportional in relation to one another (i.e., the topic in the top sky blue box would either be of the most importance or proportionately the smallest of the group).

Side Bar Viewer

Green as a flourishing meadow, Side Bar Viewer is an excellent option for getting to know the key players in your company, or else a hypothetical team of experts, summaries of their ideal skill sets, and things they might say to a trainee. Click each person to view past their brief bio and get a better look at who they really are.

Tabs 2

Yellow as a daisy, Tabs 2 puts a delightful spin on the traditional model of tabbed interactions by adding some perspective to the tab title boxes, elongating them into ribbon like strands. Tab through up to 5 discrete pages of information in one handy module.

Text Entry Cool

Sometimes a simple multiple choice quiz just won’t cut it, and you need to ask a little more effort from your learners. In those cases, look no further than a text entry interaction. With sky blues and leafy greens, Text Entry Cool allows learners to respond to questions in their own words, for an instructor to evaluate later.

To catch your own case of spring fever, find these and many other beautiful templates in the Lectora Template Library today.

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