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eLearning Project Management

Sometimes as a Project Manager it feels like juggling chain saws. Not only do you have several objectives at one time, but add the numerous clients, designers, developers, audio work, photo shoots, and the people on the project are all across the country. As a Project Manager your job is to organize the chaos, ensure deadlines are kept, and client’s expectations are met within a budget. Fact is, without a good process, Project Management is a daunting task.

From personal experience in eLearning Project Management, I recommend you do two things throughout each project: establish great relationships and communicate. By building great relationships everyone involved with the project will feel more like they can ask for help or ask for suggestions. Communicate so everyone knows how the project is coming along and if something cuts into the schedule. This makes it easier to see if someone can assist or bend to meet a pressing issue.

The advice to establish great relationships and communicate is valuable as you apply it to a process like the 4 Essential Tips for eLearning Project Management. Most of us are familiar with this process but for those who aren’t, here are the 4 Essential Tips for eLearning Project Management:

    1. Background – What is really happening? Is there a new process? Can you provide a solution to a problem? How does it need to get done? Who will be involved? What are the standards that ensure a well-conceived and consistent look and feel to the project? Get organized and hold a kick off meeting. Start a relationship and start communicating.
    2. Plan – Divide into tasks and determine what must be done in a particular order and what can be done at the same time and then combined in the end. Set up the schedule. Follow up on the various tasks and how each team member is doing regularly. Don’t assume because there is a schedule it will get done. Build a better relationship and communicate like the project’s life depends on it.
    3. Execute – Initiate key activities. Monitor the progress against your baseline plan. Manage the changes and how they affect the rest of the group. Build a deeper relationship and communicate daily.
    4. Evaluate – Deliver the final product, conduct a post evaluation with the client, and close out the contracts.

Being a Project Manager is a challenging. Just keep in mind, establish great relationships and communicate. Then follow the 4 Essential Tips and you will be juggling chain saws like a pro.


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