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PowerPoint Graphics

In eLearning, a good map graphic can go a long way towards explaining geographic and location-based concepts. Our pre-made PowerPoint graphics are a handy tool in this area, as each element of the map can be manipulated to suit your needs.

Here are a few interesting things that can be done with our PowerPoint map graphic templates:

Paths and Processes

Several of our map graphics offer a way to draw arching paths through the sky, which can be used to signify travel, communications, or even just a process that involves multiple different places across a large geographic area. These paths can be used at your discretion. Go ahead and drag the endpoints to different destinations, change the color, thickness—you name it. In this particular graphic, there are also little buildings that can be placed at each endpoint to symbolize a city, factory, or a location of certain businesses. Each can be manipulated at their base levels. Feel free to move them around, change their sizes, even add more floors to a building if you want to.



Here we can create call-outs, cards explaining the importance of a certain highlighted location. You can use as many or as few of these call-outs as you need, and each pin can be moved, copied, or removed should you choose to do so.



Here’s where the real fun starts. Remember when we said that each element of this map can be customized? That applies to the landmasses too! Each nation is comprised of it’s own shape. Simply ungroup it from its neighbors and you can add a glow around the border to make one country or landmass pop and draw the learner’s eye. If you wanted, you can change the color of the glowing border or even the country itself.


Pop Goes the Country

Perhaps you need a closer look at one of the smaller countries on a big map. This can be easily achieved by copy/pasting the country in question and increasing the duplicate’s size. To make it really stand out, you might add a border glow and use the translucent triangle from a call-out to show what you’re zooming into.


This map graphic is one of many assets in our PowerPoint graphic library. Check them out and see how our graphics will make your work look better and take less time. If you’ve come across any great PowerPoint graphics hacks, please share in the comments! (and don’t forget to checkout our free PowerPoint template library either).

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