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captivate themes

Our eLearning themes are an easy way to have a great-looking course “right out of the box.” Just plug in the pertinent information and images and right away you have something that’s classroom ready. Our Captivate themes, in particular, have some first-class designs that will capture your learners’ imaginations. Have a look at a few right now to get an idea for your next Captivate project.



Suave is the definition of modern. With sleek, angular typefaces and flat quadrilateral shapes, as well as an eye-catching color scheme, Suave is what you use when you need something professionally unobtrusive, but with a touch of pizzazz!



True to its name, Clean does away with many of the extraneous flourishes you might expect in a design, yet manages to do so without looking like a sterilized hospital room. It’s more like the way your bedroom linens look after a good washing and folding: comfortable, unblemished, and oh so refreshing.



Let’s face it. Not all of us were born to be rocket scientists. Make no mistake, we all have our own gifts and talents, but that doesn’t often translate to 150+ IQs. Luckily, now you can feel like one of the smart ones by picking Smart, a charcoal colored theme with wonderfully contrasted colors and images.



Picture, if you will, your favorite air freshening spray. What is that particular scent called? Is it something like “Ocean Mist,” “Springtime Meadow,” or “Sweet Citrus”? Now think about how that lovely aroma makes you feel. If you close your eyes and breath deeply, you might just believe that you’re actually standing in the middle of fragrant garden, with lilacs and honeysuckles just within smelling distance. That’s how you feel looking at Fresh, an olive green theme with a smoothness and freshness that are unparalleled.

Take a look in our Captivate Theme Library today to find the one that will make your spirits soar! Happy eLearning!

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