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It’s not uncommon for workers to have to go through some sort of orientation course when they start employment at a new job. In my past experience, I and my fellow cohorts would be placed in a room on Day 1 where we would spend our entire time learning about the company, who is who, and where to go for what. As I look back on this, I can’t help but think this would be better done with eLearning! With the help of Adobe Captivate 9 and the templates that we have included with the software, you can move some (if not all) of that orientation course online, saving time and resources whenever there is a new hire. Take a look at these four templates as a way to help touch on common points you would touch on in that course.

Company History


Click on the image to view the template in the library.

Most companies have a history that lends itself to the culture and style of the work environment. It’s really important for employees to know the heritage of their workplace so they can better invest themselves into the mission and the goals that the company puts forward. This template gives you a timeline so you can do just that. Each point in the timeline can be adjusted to mark specifically important dates for your institution and its founders. Add in your important historical moments with pictures that commemorate the event and to excite your employees for the incredible future that awaits them!

Meet the Management

People Viewer

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Who are the top brass in your company? It’s definitely good for new employees to know who they can go to for questions and who are the founders and/or executives they might see walking around the building. Use this fun template to not only match names and faces but also give descriptions of responsibilities to these important company individuals. Change the background or the images to best match your companies style.

Explanation of Benefits

Side Tabs

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When it comes to employee benefits, you often have to give a lot of information in a very small amount of time. A click and reveal template is an excellent way to store large swaths of medical coverage information, retirement plans, or times to go use the company basketball court (if you should be so lucky). Benefits information is another reason to move an orientation course to an online environment because it can then be accessed at any time of day through the course!

Virtual Facility Tour

Virtual Tour

Click on the image to view the template in the library.

One of the best ways to save time is to have an eLearning course run a virtual tour instead of taking a group of people around on a 45 minute (or more!) walk. This template shows how it could be done. Click on the image on the left (it doesn’t have to be a person; you can switch that out) and see the location on the right! Even the picture of the location could be replaced to include a video that walks the individual around and shows them important aspects of each area.

These Captivate templates can save your trainers some time and allow them to focus on more important aspects of the job that need one-on-one attention. Take some time to look through our library and see how moving some classroom training to eLearning can improve your courses.

Many of the templates we have covered in this post are pre-loaded in Captivate 9. Pleas watch the short video that shows you how to access them. Also, head on over to browse our other asset libraries here.

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