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 powerpoint development tips

A presentation can be a precious opportunity to attract, entertain, inform, and persuade. If as an eLearning professional you spoil that chance, the results you are hoping to achieve may never be attainable.

There are a number of powerful PowerPoint development tips that can make your task easier –and your presentation more professional. Let us look at four advanced presentation techniques that push our skills to the next level.

Embed a Website with LiveWeb

LiveWeb is a plugin that allows you to insert a live website into your presentation. You could insert a Twitter feed to get live responses or take questions from a large group. They could let you know how good or how boring the presentation is. You could use a voting website like StrawPoll.me to get immediate feedback on a principle or question you’re trying to teach. A plethora of options are available to you with the web and you’d never have to leave your presentation to access them.

Exporting Slides as Videos

This feature allows you to turn your slides into a video for easier distribution to your audience. It is handy because your viewers can watch the presentation whichever way they want. It is also a better way to distribute the presentation, especially if you have an active YouTube presence.

To turn the slides into a video, click File > Export and then click on Create a Video. The options will appear to the right of the page.

Select the quality of the video from the HD and Computer Displays. You can use recorded timing or not.

Save your video by clicking Create Video. Select your location and click Save.

Online Presentation

Your audience may include people other than those in the current hall/room. As eLearning professionals, we know that other viewers could be viewing your presentation online from another part of the planet alongside the ones you are with physically.

Online presentation tools make this surprisingly easy. Remote viewers need a connection –and a web browser only!

Click the File > Share > Present Online. Check the box to enable remote viewers and then click Present Online. Select the link that appears and copy it.

Click the Start Presentation button to launch the presentation online.

Custom Templates

Templates can be a professional and attractive way of creating slide show presentations for our audience. They can be a consistent and a quick way to produce slides with things such as the company logo and other unique features.

Layouts, backgrounds, fonts, and other design aspects are put together in a file that can be reused over and over to save time.

To create your custom template, click the View tab, then click on Slide Master. Forge a nice template using your creativity by adding logos, background designs and any other necessary tweaks. Alternatively, you can customize one of over 150+ templates in our Template Library subscription!

When you are satisfied, click File, then Save As. Select PowerPoint Template from the drop-down menu. To make it easier to access your template(s), you can save it in Microsoft Office, then Templates.

To use your template, select New from Template from the File drop-down. Here you can see a list of all templates that you can use.

These are just a few things that you can do to spice up your PowerPoints. Do you have any additional advanced tips? Let us know in the comments!

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