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When playing a game, you don’t want to be left in the dark when it comes to how many chances you have to complete a task. There are many different ways to track and present the amount of tries someone has (or doesn’t have); it is really up to your imagination and the time you are willing to spend creating it. I will be walking you through the method to create a simple attempt tracker and how it can be integrated into your Storyline game.

Attempt Tracker

The first step in creating an attempt tracker is to create a “bank” for our incorrect choices. To do this we need to click on the “manage variables” button and create a new number variable that is set to 0. Every time a user answers a question incorrectly or an incorrect feedback shows up, it will add to this bank.

Attempt Tracker
The next step is to go to your remediation layers (or wherever you would like the trigger to fire) and make a new trigger that adjusts the eLB_Incorrect variable to add 1 whenever the user clicks on the continue button on the remediation layer. You will want to do this on all the remediation layers so that it will always add 1 to the bank (eLB_Incorrect) when you get an answer wrong.

Attempt Tracker 2
The next step is to make a new layer that will contain the icons that will represent to the user how many chances there are left to make. In this example, I am giving them three chances. Create states for each object that show that one of the attempts has been used up. To be able to see this layer on each question, you need to create a trigger (again on each question layer) that will show the layer labeled “Chances” when the timeline starts. This will allow you to see the attempt tracker on every layer instead of being hidden when a different layer is shown. You will also need to go into the layer properties on the Chances layer and deselect the “hide other slide layers” option. This makes it possible to see the content that is on the individual question slides along with the icons in the Chances layer.

Attempt Tracker 3

In this step, you need to tell the Chance icons when to change states to Wrong. So, you click on Chance 1 and insert a new trigger telling it to change states to Wrong when eLB_Incorrect changes. The trick though is in the condition. We need to add a condition that says to do this when eLB_Incorrect is greater than or equal to 1, because this will be the first chance that they get. You then need to do this same process with the other two Chances. Pay attention though, because you will need to change the condition on Chance 2 to be greater than or equal to 2 and greater than or equal to 3 on the Chance 3.

Attempt Tracker 4
The last step is to show the conclusion layer when the third Chance changes to Wrong. Make sure you are making this trigger while on the Chances layer.

Attempt Tracker 5

And that is that! You have just learned how to make an Attempt Tracker! I have included the source files so you can see what I have done and mess around with a pre-built example. Now, go play around and experiment with it and invent a cool tracker for the world to see. Let me know when you make an awesome attempt tracker in the comments and how it has benefited your Storyline game.

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