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Thanks for everyone who participated in our email survey. Here’s how it happened, a few weeks ago we sent out a survey asking your opinion on eLearning Templates. Your responses were fantastic! You gave us some great ideas, and we’re really excited to start working on them. Here are three things you told us about eLearning templates:

1. The Kind of eLearning Cutout People Images You Prefer

– I need more medical images to choose from
– I need more college student images
– I would love more high tech
– More Saftey/Industrial
– More Office People

2. What Categories of eLearning Templates You Like Most

– Cutout People Images
eLearning Games
eLearning Scenarios
eLearning Page Layouts
– Backgrounds/Environments

3. The Top Benefits of Having an eLearning Brothers Membership

– Saves Time
– I get great design ideas
– I don’t have to be an expert developer or designer

Also, thank you and congratulations to those who helped out. May you use your #BroBands for good. P.S. The #broband unlocks the power of eLearning templates. Wear it proudly.

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