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Alas, it is that time of year again, when children don the masks of ghoulish creatures and roam the streets searching for sugary goodness. The time when grown men and women cower in fear at toilet paper and eggs. And back in the day, it was a time when the barrier between the our world and the spirit realm became porous, monsters and apparitions spilling into the land of the living.

Yes, it’s Halloween, when the world turns upside down for one night each year.

In celebration of this most hallowed of holidays, today we’re featuring a couple templates with spooky aesthetics, and one that pays direct homage to treasured tradition of scaring our socks off.

Space Invader


In space, no one can hear you learn! From acclaimed movie franchises of the ’70s and ’80s to the ever-present video games of today, space-related horror is alive and well. The Space Invader template features a starry sky through the lens of a computerized screen. The dark view from a spaceship window contrasting with the the soft stoic glow of the onscreen text gives the eerie impression that all is quiet in space. Too quiet. With the right framing and preamble, you can give this template a foreboding sense of “calm before the storm”.



“Enter this sparsely-lit warehouse, with nothing but the blank faces of the grungy concrete walls and the weathered exteriors of abandoned exercise equipment to keep you company.”

If that last sentence didn’t give you the heebie-jeebies, might I suggest you take a good, hard look at yourself? When you’re finished, take a look at our CrossTrain templates. Their original purpose was to convey the improvised environments many fitness gurus are turning to get their workouts in, but the same urban/industrial aesthetic can be used for spooky purposes when seen from the right angle.

Halloween Trivia


Finally, while you’re still in the mood for a good scare, mosey on over to our Trivia Spooktacular template. This haunting re-skin of our popular Trivia template features a blotted, ink-stained background that serves as an eerie contrast to the spindly, craggy shapes and figures silhouetted in the foreground. Listen with apprehension to the chilling soundtrack, full of low rumbles and moans, and goosebump-inducing scratching noises.

You can find these and many other great templates for your next Captivate templates in our Captivate Library. Stay safe this Halloween and don’t lose your head!

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