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In one form or another, schooling and education are an important part of life. Not only does it give us a base layer of knowledge and experience to apply to the “real world,” but it ideally also teaches us how to learn. Learning how to learn is important, because the world’s greatest thinkers didn’t stop learning once they received a diploma or certification. They continued to search for knowledge and wisdom in their daily lives. As the old adage states, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach him to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

As the fall semester winds to a close at many institutions of higher learning, we’re honoring students with a few Lectora conversation scenarios that feature them in prominent roles.

Computer Library


Public computer libraries are a boon to many cash-strapped students. Those with no internet connection of their own can enjoy many of the same benefits as students with more flexible budgets. This template takes place in computer library and features several instances of contrast, not only visually, but also thematically. Vibrant oranges against subdued grays, a casually dressed young woman—presumably a student—at odds with a formally dressed man. Use the contrasts and duality of this template to set your course apart from the herd.



Education is all about adjusting your path in life, as well as blazing new ones, and the physical juncture one reaches in a university or other place of learning is often in the lobby. It connects to other parts of campus and is where one lines up to meet one of the various trail guides who point a student in the right direction. Use this template as an important juncture in your next course, and allow learners to find their own path to knowledge.



One function that schooling serves is to help students leave more informed and more capable than when they arrived. For many this means finding a career. This template centers on a student meeting with a possible employer in an office space. Learners can help him navigate the conversation as successfully as possible.

These templates and more are available in our library of Lectora scenario templates. Find one that’s right for your course today!

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