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Deep in the archives of our Lectora Template Library are some hidden gems that might elude the casual browser. We’ve plumbed the depths of our inventory and have come back up with a few that we think deserve a little more time in the limelight. For your consideration, here are three Lectora layout templates that are excellent candidates for your next project.

Corner Banner

The Corner Banner family of templates are masters of theme and use of color. The background is a lightly textured dark brown that gives the subtle hint of leather in its appearance. Each text box is the color of yellowed paper, with a light gradient for the added effect of time-faded parchment. These touches, along with the ribbon-like splashes of orange give you the impression that you’re peering into an old, forgotten diary.


In just one decade, smartphones have become a fixture of modern life. Statistics show that mobile devices account for a great deal of internet traffic, even rivaling the once reigning champion, desktop browsing. Our Phone layout allows learners to view the text and images in your course by emulating a format that they interact with on a daily basis.

Sharp Corners

The Sharp Corners theme was forged by a master craftsman. The background has the texture of wood’s swirling grain, freshly stained and lacquered with a deep ashy gray color. The text boxes in the foreground show off a the look of the fanciest stationery, practically inviting the learner to the course like it was some grand event.

To find these and other great templates, take a look at our Lectora Template Library and give yourself a leg up on your next Lectora project!

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