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Our New Stone line of templates has been been a runaway success, exemplifying the eLearning Brothers personality with modern design sensibilities and an endearingly quirky flair. We’ve recently added three more New Stone interaction templates to the Captivate library. Here’s a brief look at what they have to offer.


Like your typical tabbed interactions, this Captivate template allows you to put multiple pages of information into one easy-to-use module. However, this template gives a more literal, even if abstracted, treatment of the word “tab,” using a representation of the type of tabs you might see in your filing cabinet. Just a click of each of the tab labels and you can “thumb through” four tabs of content.


A common aspect of teaching is making side-by-side comparisons of two things, noting their similarities, and pointing out their key differences. Venn diagrams are one handy option for achieving this, but you could also try the New Stone Checkbox interaction. Learners can check a box in one column if the statement on that row only applies to it, or to both columns to signify what those categories have in common.


“Mind-mapping” is a popular method of brainstorming, which involves starting with a central idea or topic at the middle of a page and branching off in all directions to explore each aspect of the topic while recording your thought process. It’s a very natural way to get your thoughts on paper and make sense of a creative project. One way to implement a similar tool into an eLearning knowledge check is to use a spidergram, like the one shown above. In this example, a learner selects each label that pertains to pertains to the training topic at the center. Each correct answer will attach to the center with a line, highlighting in green, while incorrect answers are highlighted in red.

To find these and many other great Captivate interactions, check out our Captivate Template Library today!

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