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3 Reasons Performance Support is Vital_Blog Header

It’s time to take a moment and give performance support its due. But first, what is performance support? Performance support can take many forms, but in essence, it is task-specific guidance, support, or resources delivered at the moment of need. A printed resource guide is an example of performance support, but so is a detailed how-to video. However, all performance supports shares these two characteristics: it’s available on-demand and controlled by the individual performing the task that needs support.


Why is performance support so important?


It reinforces and supports formal training.

There’s a commonly cited statistic floating around the training world that says learners forget anywhere from 30-70% of what they learned within four days of attending a training session. Training teaches you new skills, but performance support helps you apply those new skills later on down the line in real-life situations.


Performance support can save money.

Time spent on training—while a worthwhile investment into better work down the line—is also time that isn’t productive. If your employees are struggling with applying what they just learned in training, instead of spending time and money on even more training, help them get back to work faster with performance support embedded into the workplace.

It’s convenient for on-the-go workers.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, training materials and knowledge can’t only be located at the office. Having job aids and quick reference guides online and available anywhere is beneficial to workers in the field or working from home.


Not sure how to start creating performance support resources for your organization? Join us for this upcoming webinar:


Performance Support Tools: The Superheroes of Effective Learning

April 19 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

In the moment of need, who or where do learners turn to get answers to perform the task at hand? Perhaps another new employee. Maybe a long, complex search through the company’s knowledge base. Even worse, what if they don’t ask at all?

The result is reduced productivity and performance that impacts the bottom line.

Performance support tools are here to save the day and provide just-in-time solutions for your learners. In this session, we’ll talk about multiple options to get learners the information they need to be successful on the job.


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