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One of the major differences between Lectora and some other authoring tools is the method used to import and reference images, videos, and other files. Rather than copying them directly into the Lectora AWT file, images are automatically copied into an “images” folder, the audio or video into the “media” folder and other files such as PDFs or DOCs to the “extern” folder. Doing this has several advantages, including reducing the overall Lectora file size for quicker saves, and allowing you to update files independently of the working course.

Let me show you three quick file naming tips I prefer:

1. Use a Simple Naming Convention

One way to leverage naming files is to choose a naming convention that makes it easy to locate, edit, and replace files later, such as slide_1_1, slide_1_2, etc. Other examples might be: s1_a,  s1_b, or myresource_1, myresource_2, and so on. Lectora’s import dialogue is listed sequentially and highlights the current file name. So, having files in order means it’s easy to select the file next on the list.

2. Don’t Use Upper Case or Spaces

Because Lectora creates names with underscores for spaces on publish, it’s best to name items lower case and no spaces; this also ensures that if you edit a file and drop it into either the AWT or the publish image folder, it will replace the file, and automatically update in the AWT.  Also, some servers are case sensitive, but Lectora is case blind, so updating a file to remove capitalization will not change the file name when you publish.

3. Use Corresponding File Names

Another tip to keep in mind is that Lectora lists button states as “normal, down, and over” so naming your buttons in a corresponding way makes it easier to import in the correct order: i.e. btn_1a, btn_1b, btn_1c.

Did You Know?

Any Lectora resource can be renamed within the Title Manager, and this will become the Alt tag for it on publish, so the actual file name is irrelevant.

Remember to…

Just remember, if you do replace files external to the AWT, be sure to publish the course to copy those updated resources into your HTML or SCORM publish folders.


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