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powerpoint templates

PowerPoint is an essential tool in the modern world. It’s useful for business, teaching, and a myriad of other situations. PowerPoint also has great eLearning applications, thus making it invaluable to eLearning experts the world over.

But the mere act of owning the PowerPoint software doesn’t imbue a person with magical eLearning powers and excellent design skills. Case in point:

Ugly PowerPoint

“We need to talk about subtly, Mr. Seiner…”

In the above example, an overzealous PowerPointer flew too close to the sun on the wings of a cheap rainbow gradient, and thus unleashed this visual abomination onto the world. A tragic story for the ages…

Because not all people are graphic design experts, our designers work overtime to bring you the best-looking templates possible. Put your mind at ease and use one of our beautifully-designed PowerPoint layout templates to create something that truly captures the eye.

 Business 05

Screenshot 2016-05-13 12.21.30

This business template is the perfect combination of class and style. With smooth emerald greens against black and white cityscapes, Business 05 is perfect for corporate and finance-related topics. It’s also handy for presentations and courses that deal with government in some form or another, offering views of various parts of a city and its people.

Business 12

Screenshot 2016-05-13 12.47.30

With a dark and light gray color scheme, flat design icons, and sans serif fonts, Business 12 is slick and modern. The individual text boxes also do a swell job of compartmentalizing the different objectives, each highlighted by a relevant icon. Each element of this template projects efficiency and visual coherence: simple, streamlined and easy on the eyes.

Business 13

Screenshot 2016-05-13 13.21.57

This template is all about polarities. Business 13 beautifully contrasts serious black and white images with playful pink elements, as well as mixing sans serif fonts with occasional cursive fonts. This mixing and matching allows for mechanical aspects of the course to mingle with something more human.

Check the PowerPoint template library today to find these and many other beautiful templates to give your next course an eLearning makeover.

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