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With the eLB home base situated at the feet of the Rocky Mountains, we are no strangers to these majestic landforms. In many cultures throughout the world, mountains have been considered places of meditation and reflection for centuries, in part because of their relative seclusion, but also because they are literally elevated from the land around them, suggesting to the mind that thoughts ought to be elevated as well. In many belief systems, deities reside on a plane above the human realm, logically implying that to be on a mountain is to be closer to their object of worship, and thus closer to enlightenment, truth, and information.

If you’d like to make the mountains your own place of learning, take a look at these three mountain-inspired Articulate Storyline games.

Mountain Ascent

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.45.41 PM

Leave base camp and start the arduous journey to the peak of this icy, unforgiving mountain. Few try, and even fewer succeed at scaling this formidable rock, but today you cast your lot with the brave souls who dare conquer the mountain.

Along the way, take in Mountain Ascent, an outdoorsy course starter, with all the interactions and assets necessary for creating the mountain-y vibe you’re hoping for, including a fun tent dragger game!

Mountain Summit

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.46.12 PM

Enjoy the sense of bliss and accomplishment that comes from taking a big goal, breaking it into chunks, and conquering it piece by piece. Mountain Summit is a quiz game that follows you towards your ultimate goal of planting a flag atop the mountain. Each question moves you from one checkpoint to the next, marking your path with smaller flags along the way.

Alpine Skiing

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.45.56 PM

In Mountain Summit, you found your way up the mountain. Now you get to go down one, smoothly skiing your way back to base camp. With all correct answers, it’s a slick ride. But be warned: any false moves will send you tumbling across the snow.

Enjoy the crisp mountain air today and find these fine templates and others in our Articulate Storyline Template Library!

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