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lectora course starters

A big part the design work in any eLearning course comes down to creating an effective aesthetic. By using a course starter, you can cut down on design time and get to work writing the meat and potatoes of the actual course. Today we’re featuring three Lectora course starter templates that pack a punch through their use of theme and design and by really giving the learner a sense of narrative and place with their immersive style.


Lawman 2

Lawman is an Old Western themed course starter, with a background of old faded leather, rustic fonts, and thematically consistent interactions.

Lawman 1Lawman 3

A drag and drop interaction has users place bullets into the barrel of a revolver as a sort of matching exercise, and the knowledge check puts learners to the ultimate test of wits. Cutout character Todd looks at home in this setting, though you can mix and match with others if desired.

Mission: Possible

Mission Possible 2

Mission: Possible is a spy-themed course starter, creating an atmosphere of excitement and secrecy with classic spy movie charm.

Mission Possible 1Mission Possible 3

Business-related cutout characters work perfectly with the espionage aesthetic this course starter strives for. Elements like file folders and passports make things seem all the more official, the dark blue background with a perspective-showing rectangular design do a lot to give the template a technological feel.


Comic 2

Comic takes inspiration from the printed media of the 20th century, full of pop-art elements and vivid primary colors.

Comic 1Comic 3

This course starter has all the whooshing, banging, and general “movement” that characterizes a comic book. It’s a great way to bring out the kid in all of us. Comic is also remarkably well-suited to our collection of illustrated and cartoon cutout characters, as seen above.

You can find other Lectora course starters in the template library that comes included in your purchase of Lectora Inspire. Save yourself the time and effort and get yourself a fully designed course template today!

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