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Our beautiful New Stone theme is an understated and modern set of templates that get the point across in an engaging and interesting way without being excessively showy and in-your-face. They’re the eLearning equivalent of a “power tie” paired with a classy suit. It’s professional and well groomed, but you can tell there’s some personality.

Today we’re featuring three new templates in the New Stone theme for Lectora. Find yourself a power tie below!

Simple Interaction

Simple Interaction is a stylized tabbed interaction with a unique flavor all its own. Artful black and white landscapes are punctuated by playful light blues and streamlined sans-serif fonts. Each tab is arranged in a circular pie chart shape, each slice giving you a new screenful of information and images. Simple Interaction works brilliantly for a quick slideshow of information to get your learners interested in the material or bridge from one section to the next, as it allows for a convenient surface-level examination of the material.


We now have an official New Stone take on the classic Matching Interaction. The characteristic dark grays of New Stone are stunningly contrasted by rich golden yellows that grab the eye and refuse to let go. The dragger icons are simple line drawings, easily customizable with your vector art software of choice.

Learning Steps

New software can be difficult for a newbie to figure out. It’s a completely new user interface and palette of tools to wrap your head around, and it takes time to suss out the quirks of a new program. Luckily, we live in a time where tutorials and walkthroughs can be easily obtained or even created from whole cloth when needed. To facilitate that need in your own workplace, we have an easy New Stone template called “Learning Steps” that makes it simple to take a tour through the interface. Each clickable circle (pictured above) takes the learner to an up-close view of the tool being highlighted with an opportunity to see more detailed instructions at that level.

To find these and other stellar New Stone templates for Lectora, take a peek at our Lectora Template Library today!

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