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We’ve been making efforts lately to diversify the selection in our Cutout People Library. To that effect, last month we announced our addition of more than 20,000 new cutouts to the library. These new characters come from three different photo shoots in China, England, and Mexico, gathered from our recent visits to those areas.

Today we’d like to highlight three of these new international characters, which we will be offering as a part of our Free Library.



Bo‘s cutout came from our trip to China. We think that this character is versatile for a few reasons, the first of which being the near-semi-casual attire. Bo wears slacks and a button-down shirt but he also has a hoodie and athletic footwear, projecting the feel of a youthful small business. Bo also has very personable and laid-back body language, which helps immensely in allowing learners to empathize and put themselves into the course.



Becca was photographed on our England trip. She exemplifies a youthful exuberance while maintaining a professional demeanor. This particular image of Becca is perfect for particularly lighthearted moments in your eLearning courses, as her expression and gesturing suggest simultaneous laughter and confusion as if to say “Oh my gosh, did you really just say that?” A small dose of Becca is all it takes to inject a bit of smart levity into your courses.



I’ve used the word “youthful” in this post a couple of times already, but you can’t get much more youthful than Kairy. Kairy’s character came from a shoot with a sweet little kid we met on our Mexico trip. She may look like a small fry, but don’t let her childlike appearance fool you: She’s a precocious one. Though you might at first expect talk of unicorns and puppies to come out of her mouth, Kairy possesses a confidence and sophistication that are hard to come by in most adults—so much so that if she were to teach a course on particle physics, I’d be compelled to take her word as fact.

You can find these and other cutout characters in our cutout character library.

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