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In eLearning training, I have found it helpful to look for ways you can design for personalized experiences for your learners. Without getting into all the code, I thought it would be useful to show you three ideas to make your eLearning courses more personalized. If you would like to have me make a blog post using some code, please request it in the comments below. One more thing before I begin, I highly suggest using our eLearning Cutout People Images because we have a huge eLearning Template Library that will ensure a more personalized experience. Now, let me show you three ways you can design more personalized experiences for your learners.

#1: Ask for a Username

You can ask for the learner’s name to display throughout the course. To do this, early in the course have a page with an entry field where the user may enter their name. Then throughout the course, recall that entry field variable.   1A


#2: Let Them Pick a Host

Another idea is to have the learner choose their host character who guides them through the course. In the example below, it shows how you can have the user pick one of the four avatars, and then on the proceeding pages that chosen avatar/host appears. Be sure to use a range of age, race, gender, and other characteristics to ensure that you’re inclusive of your audience.


#3: Show Content Relevant to Job Position or Understanding

For this idea, you could have your user select their level of understanding or job duty. For our example, ask the user to choose their job position. This would impact which chapters would be visible on the menu page or how the user moves through the course.   3 These are certainly not all the ideas for making your eLearning training more personalized. What other ideas you do you have? Please share in the comments section below.

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